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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

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Weekend in the mountians

Ok, I missed out on a sweet weekend of music around these parts. but had to get up to the mountains to recharge. The Sierras are so nice...

Talked to Matt Smith, the master drum maker in PA this AM.

I have to trade out a crown on a requinto I purchased from him. I want to put a bomber thick skin on this Mahogany beauty for my main Rumba quinto (pic is of a matt smith Mahogany conga, like my requinto, but bigger). Bombing thick skin on a race horse of a quinto... i love the sound.

... Some time this weekend, Sandy called, wants to get together to plan some folkloric gigs. The bay has not seen a better folkloric show than the last one we did last year. Ill keep you posted.

.... Tito Garcia is on his way to Nicaragua to work with the drum maker to refign the bata we are thinking of importing.

... Will meet with Reinhard Simon regarding marketing his Maracas and Clave, as everyone wants them, and hes always out of town.

On my mind this AM.... Matts comments that the following wood is Mahogany... I think its a type of Cedar... Ill look into it today... but its the wood that I want to build my dream set out of..

I have a set of two made of this wood, and they sound soooo sweet.

Matt is making me a set of Black Walnut for my Salsa and amplified work, but a full set of this wood, be it Cedar or Mahogany... would be a dream almost realized.

The Bauers are Brazilian Rose Cedar. So Sweet. The quinto in the pic is of the same wood as the close up pic (a mexican drum of unknown maker)

i want to get to the bottom of this.


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