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Friday, March 14, 2008

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Enrique Carrerao - Rumbero and Mentor - Pancho Cajon

One the the coolest things about this tradition is meeting and becoming friends with some of the nicest and loyal people Ive known in all my life's travels.

Enrique Carrerao is a serious Rumbero, in the traditional sense, and is a mentor to many of us. He is one of those very accepting people and is happy to share his love with anyone who is around. I love this cat, as many people who know him. Enrique has the sweetest licks on the cajon, and drops these bajo hits that feel like someone pulled the chair out from under you!!! Check out the Video of Enrique and i at La Pena last month... below... I'm on Coro! of all things... ;) (Yaya Maldinado, Hector Lugo, Cecil on quinto, Orlando on cata, Jeff on Tumbao, Enrique Carrerao on Cajon) - Ill get back to you on the dancers names... The pic above includes Trevino Leon on segunda.

When I think of what is right in this world, Enrique comes to mind. He is an inspiration to me. I will be doing a feature about him some time soon

Enrique is doing well these days, while standing up to some serious health challenges. Nice to see that award winning smile again!

He just bought a table saw and is busting out some FAT cajons for family and friends. He is in the process of making one for me like Pancho Quinto's - see pic. (A cajón used by "Los Chinitos"
Photo: Antoine Miniconi)
What a cool gift.. i will cherish it.

Other pic is of my teacher and mentor Chris 'Flaco" Walker, one of the most talented Rumberos of European decent on the planet (, and his teacher and mentor Francisco Mora, known as Pancho Quinto, the inventor of the Guarapachangueo.

There is a nice feature about him on - one fat blog... look at the post marked 'Los Chinitos'


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