CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: Gary King Jr. Tribute meeting - Its On!! 3/22 53 & MLK 2pm

Monday, March 17, 2008

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Gary King Jr. Tribute meeting - Its On!! 3/22 53 & MLK 2pm

Gary King Jr. Tribute and Celebration
Saturday March 22nd 1:00 om - 6:00 pm
53rd and Martin Luther King Blvd. Oakland

Man, what have i done to deserve such loyalty from such powerful people... I am literally shivering over the conversation I just had with Tito Garcia... I have to slow down...

ok, too much coffee, i guess...

Yesterday, our guiding sister Maria de Colombia and I had a very heavy meeting with Gary King Sr. - one very strong, kind, educated and responsible African father in the hood of Oakland.

There is a low level war in Oakland... for years now... the national media seems to be more interested in Britney Spears.

He watched his son die, bleeding in the street, while the police held him back... right down the street from their house... not too long ago. Sitting with this cat was HEAVY... whooossssh....

We are turning this tragedy into an opportunity.

We are organizing an event to remember his son, and get some of the bad mojo off of everyone in the community, as its been a very big deal for the locals in that section of town.

I called on Tito Garcia to do me a favor. he in turn asked David Fraiser to do him a favor and come to play an Oru Ogun... a set of sacred rhythms for Gary... man i cant tell you how honored and proud, ... am i lucky to be able to do this for these wonderful people in such distress... i cant tell you how much this means to me...

I asked Yagbe to come play with Wade Djembe and Djun Djun West African prayers... he said he would be there.

Now i need to call on C. K. Ladzekpo, the master Ewe drummer to see if he can bring his troupe of cats to play the Ewe prayers.. man if i can pull this off....

And next year.... Ashe! Productions is going to step it up to a big time festival for violence awareness... this is going to be fun. It will be very good experience for me as a producer, for sure. Very good experience for a very good cause.

I hope we change just one persons life over this.

Some cat who decides to get out of a gang, who joins the cops to change the force from within - to protect and serve the community they police.

Yea.... Obatala willing, this will be huge and will save lives.

details to come...

additional note: Just talked to C.K. and he will be there. Talked to Trevino Leon and he will be there as well! YES! YES! YES!

This is one solid and amazing community, and i cant believe im so solidly a part of it.


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