CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: Old Fuji - new life as a rumba ax!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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Old Fuji - new life as a rumba ax!

Brother Wil Perez gifted me a very nice and somewhat playful old Japanese Fuji (i think) Tumba 12" fiberglass.

It's shape is like a king knockoff, and the thickness is similar in that it's lighter weight than the lp fiber drums with a thinner shell.

I think this had a lot to do with the kings legendary wood like sound.

Nothing about a good sounding drum says it needs to be well built!

There are several features about this drum that i like very much - the crown is actually tapered (see pic) so its more comfortable to play. It makes the skin very hard to cut, however, as it's right up against the skin that cant be cut in the process.

The sideplates are very nice, sold cast pieces just the right distance from the shell - just far enough to fit a box wrench on the lug nut and not too far as to put too much stress on the shell.

Its shape is fantastic, its light as a feather and the bearing edge is not too bad, for a fiber drum.

Anyway, this 12" tumba should be great, and it's just what i need.. a drum i can throw in the back seat and hit the nearest rumba... not have to worry about some passionate Cuban cat banging on it with sticks, ect.

I believe its a Fugi, as my friend Hippy Sam has a similar one he calls a Fuji.

It has diferent hardware, but the skin was sown on on both drums, and the shape is exactly the same.

Thanks Wil, for such a nice gift! So nice of you... really....


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  1. Hey Tony, my name is edro and I have that same Japanese Fuji conga and I can't find a new head/skin that will fit/work. Wondering if you have any ideas? it measures 11.5 from outside outer edge to outer edge. Found you trying to figure it out. thx letmeknow, e


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