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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

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La Pena Rumba 4.08 - nice one - packed with heavies

Nice Rumba this last week at la Pena.

Got to play some bajo on a Columbia with Flaco on Segunda - too much fun!

Played a bit of quinto, played ok - still a work in progress.

Carlos Aldama was there, so blessed to see him... I showed him a video on my iphone of him playing with Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba when he was a young man... cool to show him that, for sure... he thanked me for bringing him back down memory lane.

My older brother Mario came to see me play with his kids, they all got to meet Carlos - very cool.

After, we went to Taji Maalik's studio to play - had to head out to meet Gary and a few cats to plan the festival this summer.

enjoy the video...

Yaya Maldonado, Yagbe Oline, Pili Martinez, Javier Navarrette (, I'm the bald man singing coro ;)... among others...

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