CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: Ashe! Gary King venue visit - Laney college

Friday, April 11, 2008

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Ashe! Gary King venue visit - Laney college

Well well well...

Brother David Reed has set us up with a beautiful venue...

well... we have to seal the deal, but it looks really good.

He works closely with Laney College in Oakland and the place has all we need to put on a very successful show late this summer.

There is an outside venue, and indoor theater, courtyards, parking. And the best of it all - a very active student activist movement.

This ethnic music and dance festival will mix in speakers spreading the practice of non-violence.

The audience we are seeking is that group of leaders, and future leaders that will take us up and out of the violent situation in which we find ourselves.

Community Colleges are the key bridge between poverty and available opportunity. This is where we should be having an event like this... man this is going to be very cool.

I had an idea of doing a free festival outside in the day, and a paying benefit that night in the theater. ... mmm... that sounds fun.

Perhaps Tito Garica Y Su Orquestra la International with folkloric all-stars?? That would be fat! - just thinking out loud...

more to come...


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