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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

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Ashe! Productions is joining forces with Bay World Presents

The legendary Yaya Maldonado and I will be working together to promote and book local latin talent.

Yaya knows everyone in the latin scene and is well respected from coast to coast. He is John Santos' folkloric singer and is one of the very few 'national heavies' as i call them - the cats who get called when the fattest cats roll through. Like Armando Peraza, for example... Here is Fito Reinoso and Yaya (on clave) at the Peraza tribute in SF.

Yaya has a promotional company called Bay World Presents and has been booking acts in the area for many years now.

We are hooking up to do what we do best... promote latin music in the bay area.

Yaya manages the bands, I get the gigs... easy as that.

many details to come -


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