CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: La Pena rumba - April o8

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

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La Pena rumba - April o8

Wow, sometimes I have to stop and remember how far Ive come..

Over the last three years ive been working at being a Rumbero. I guess this last weekend was a milestone for me in my journey.

I played at La Pena with no less than Sandy Perez, John Santos, Javier Navarette and Yaya Maldonado with a full house singing Coro led by Orlando... and it rocked... dancers gone wild.. etc.

I was on the Cata.. a basic part, but we all know, it drives the rumba.. and if it aint happening, the heavies just dont play...

It was incredible to say the least.

Video is of Sandy on quinto cajon... you cant see him, but who else plays like that!

I cant believe I was able to hang with these cats, frankly... It's been a long road, and I'm making progress.

In a state of Bliss...


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