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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

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Selling conga skins, making friends

One of the really fun parts of this business is meeting some of the coolest people around. - interesting, cultural, artistic people.

I sell top quality Cow hide. Some of the best skins around - i ship them to pro players all around the world.

James had some Mombiza solid shell drums that needed special skins to deal with the ringing, and a set of old Valje SF, in mint condition that needed skins as well. He dropped by to skin up one of his drums and talk congas.

He brought some of his drums, and gave me a blind test of Valjes, SF and LA. I closed my eyes and played both, without him telling me what i was playing.

It was more difficult than i thought, but was able to guess the LA valje. But the SF valje, with a much more woody tone, threw me. It almost sounded like a mahogany drum, with light airy overtones. These SF valjes are thinner and sound different than the LA drums, for sure. I like them both, actually.

Mike is skinning a set of Gon Bops congas, one at a time, and was by to pick up a tumba skin, as well as to show off the sound of the quinto skin i scored for him.

That's a nice sounding Gon Bops quinto, Mahogany, gell coated. They have a bit more projection, with the gel coat, and dont crack much at all, compared to other Mahogany Gon Bops of that era.

Its always fun to do business with people you like.

Email me, if you need high end skins for your congas or sets of bongo - congadr@gmail dot com


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