CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: Ugly repair and Gary King Jr. festival update

Monday, May 5, 2008

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Ugly repair and Gary King Jr. festival update

Had a meeting with Gary King Sr. about the music festival in September. We are going to make a formal proposal to Laney College on Wednesday. It looks good, as we have some heavy support in the student counsel. It looks like the student counsel is considering a full sponsorship, but we will see soon.

Gary and I took the ropes and tape off of the 'ugly repair' of the broken heart djembe. It was such a nasty break.. i mean really bad.. But we got glue deep into the cracks, and it looks like we just barely saved this drums life.

We still have some repairs to do on the drum, but its improving and looks like it might actually be a wonderful drum. Time will tell, as the wounds were deep.

We went to Master Yagbe's to say hello, and he was so gracious and welcoming to me. Im getting used to the new Yagbe.. as he was quite hard on me early in my journey in this tradition... tough love, i guess... ;)

He was so kind to offer to skin the drum for Gary when i finish with the repairs. Its quite an honor for me, as he must have faith in my repairs to skin this broken heart djembe.

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