CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: Afro-Cuban Rumba, Cuban Rumba heaven May 08

Monday, May 5, 2008

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Afro-Cuban Rumba, Cuban Rumba heaven May 08

Well, that was a full day of Rumba! How fun...

Went to La Pena to hang with the fellas and play. It started slowly, but picked up very fast and heavy.

At one point, Flaco, Javier, Hector, Pili, Yaya, Orlando, Rustin, and the new heavy Cuban arrival - Carlito Alveda!

Man, here comes this cat.. young and not very big in stature.. but what a rumbero! Straight from Havana... Carlito Alveda, a serious rumbero.

Im going to help this cat get set up in the north bay, as he lives in Santa Rosa.

So nice to have another seriously heavy player to add the this fat scene!

He's playing at Zone music this Sat. at their Cuba fest show.

Barroso came and danced... the Fred Estare of Rumba.. we talked about trading videos of the Show last year with Sandy... I have so much respect for this incredible dancer... what a talented and gracious cat.

After La Pena, Pili, Javier, Rick, Yaya, Rustin and I went over to Tony D's studio, witch he is completely remodeling. This place is huge. An old warehouse with two stories.. a very big space. Perhaps a nightclub to be.

We played some fat rumba with Tony D. ripping on the traps.. fun and informal ripping... Tony is one incredible trap man... He may perform at the festival this summer.

And then, off to see Sandy Perez and Fito Reinoso, who were hitting at Sandy's cousins, Rositas house. Saw Carlito there as he was leaving.. Toby said they were playing some of the fattest work, while i was dillying at Tony D's.. I should know better.

Sandy, Toby, Fito and I played... Rosita and Maria singing.. what a treat! Its incredible how these cats can do more with much less than any others around.

Its always a treat to eat Rositas cooking... she is the bomb!!!


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