CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: Rumba at Mosswood '08 - What a scene!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

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Rumba at Mosswood '08 - What a scene!

Gotta love the Mosswood park jam the day after Carnival. What do we call it? Sometinajamma?

So many talented players come by to play, eat and kick back for the day. Its so nice to play with these cats in a low key setting. I did get a scolding or two, as usual, but hey... thats what i live for - tough love!

Yagbe, Flaco, Javier, Michael, Pili, Irish Rick, Bata Rick, Enrique, Richard, Yaya, Wade, Hadley, C.K. and many other talented players from different traditions - some real heavies from the Brazilian and African traditions were there as well.

Here are a few clips of the fun... Yea, i know, i was playing over Yaya, but i was trying to sing and play quinto at the same time, yea right!

...In the other clip, check out the Brazilian, Cuban, and African jams, all kicking at once!


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  1. Nice to see drummers of all traditions out there! Have to remember that for next year!


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