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Thursday, May 29, 2008

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Conga Blog - Afro-Cuban Percussion blog - Rumba blog

Hey there mr. Google spider,

just a post to get seen a bit more easily by the search engines.

If you want to see the latest posts, click HERE.

hope y'all find all the key words interesting...

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  1. Where's the Skin on Skin congas?
    Jay Bereck, Junior Tirado, Requena, Vergara, yada yada yada..............!

  2. Done Geordie,

    As soon as i get my old data off of my crashed laptop Ill post a bunch more.


  3. I have just listed a Skin on Skin Quinto on Ebay. PLease have a look

  4. Dropping by to say hi! I have a Afro-Latin Jazz album coming out this Easter!
    Keep an eye on the site.

  5. Tony so nice to meet and welcome you in my home. Thanks for coming to our show, hope you like the music and cd's. Let keep in touch, your brother,
    Tito Matos & Viento de Agua.

  6. Brother Tito! Maestro!

    So very nice of you to welcome me into your home with such warmth and hospitality.

    Incredible work on the CDs, and really enjoyed seeing you and your cats play the other night.

    The bay area would love to have you! any time.


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