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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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Valje segunda - conga - 11.25 six lug Gem for sale !

This one sure is hard to let go...

but after all, im a player, not a collector. So on down the road she goes, to some lucky sunshine who will be a proud owner of one rare tub.

This Valje, made by the master drum maker Tom Flores, is a very rare 11.25 6 lug drum. It also has the nicest tight quarter sawn wood ive ever seen in a Valje drum. This was obviously made for a top pro, and not the run of the mill drum (like any of them were) that was sold out of his retail shop in LA.

Only a connoisseur of the tumbadoras can appreciate how rare this drum is.

Its in fine condition, with a new skin and the drum sounds great.

I also have the original stand.. Im asking $650 for this drum, as the market dictates how much i will charge.. this drum may be worth much more in the end... who has another one like this Valje segunda suprema?

I can be reached at


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