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Thursday, February 21, 2008

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Ashe! Entertainment updates

Update from Ashe! Productions:

Sandy Perez and I had a meeting Thursday to discuss a series of Cuban Folkloric performances in March of 08. We will be flying in some heavies from LA for this set of shows - line up to be announced shortly. We are going after some of the larger venues this time, perhaps the 10 thousand seat latin music fest at Great America.

I showed him video of the last couple of gigs. Sandy, his son Melik, his wife Laila and i sat and watched Melik's first performance. Melik was grinning from ear to ear, with his toothless 5 year old face! He is one cute kid, and a master to be... i can hardly wait to see him play as a man, he will surely be a master.

We decided to have a professional film company shoot the next series of gigs and make a DVD project out of it.

We also discussed creating a local folkloric troupe to play regular festival gigs in and around the bay this summer.

more to come....


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