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Monday, February 25, 2008

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Tito Garcia and Bata prospecting

Hey all,

Still in update mode, will be for the next few posts.

last week went to visit my mentor and guiding brother Tito Garcia. If you know salsa in SF, you know who Tito is. He is the band leader and timalero for some of the largest Salsa bands in Sf, they have this ripping horn section - two berries and two bass trombones... very fat...

He and I are talking about importing bata shells and selling them in the states. Lots of work on this project.. it has the potential of working, business wise...

Its off to a quick start, with a few heavies here and on the east coast wanting sets with which to make sets of Fundamento. Very cool.

I may get myself involved in the stringing of the bata, or pulling, as they say, but it looks hard on the old hands...

I may pick up a set and finish them myself.. pay Yagbe to teach me how to string them.. i bet the master would want to teach for free, but he will be paid, if i can help it..

This might be a nice opportunity to bring nice authentic Solid Cedar sets of Bata to the bay area at a reasonable price. - We'll see.

in the mean time, Tito will go to Nicaragua to talk about manufacturing with the cat who is helping up down there. I think the solution will be to teach this cat how to string down there, but we'll see.

Talk soon,


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  1. Tony,
    Whats the deal? Is this happening how much are shells? Sizes?


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