CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: Salsa Rueda Festival - Backing up Barroso

Friday, March 20, 2009

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Salsa Rueda Festival - Backing up Barroso

The last minute, we were called in on a gig in the city, los Pilones Blancos to the rescue!

Barroso was doing a rumba demonstration at the big Salsa Rueda festival in the city, and needed live drummers, as promised on the bill.

We barely got there in time, and we started as soon as we found a seat.

There was a large studio packed with about 70 dancers or so ready to go.

Barroso is a remarkable talent, and was trained at some of the most prestigious schools in Havana. Its such an honor to work with him.

So, he did his thing, teaching rumba moves from the streets, asking us to jump in whenever he demonstrated, and it went well. The dancers gave the drummers a big hand, and Barroso was very happy with us.

He has the fattest dance video of Folkloric Cuban material around. Im working on the steps as we speak!

One of the Videos is of Barroso singing at La Pena, with Sandy Perez, Pili Martinez, and myself on congas.

the second film is my favorite small clip of Barroso, what a talent!

You gotta love it!


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