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Thursday, March 19, 2009

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La Pena Rumba, an update

The passage of time could be accurately measured by the change in staff at the La Pena rumbas.

There are a few additions, and a few cats that dont show much anymore.

The new crew includes a couple of rumberos that just arrived from Cuba. Havana, specifically.

Gregario, a quinto loving classic Cuban cat, who has a big smile and a bigger personality. It was funny.. he was on quinto, and Sandy asked if he could play. All of us nearly jump out of the chair if Sandy even hints at wanting the drum, but Gregario would not give it up! too funny! Im not sure he knew who he was... Sandy was patient and waited, sat down when his time came, and completely ripped. As if to say, this is who i am, behold the power! ;) I bet he wont have to wait too long next time...

Juan, a dancer and SINGER... yea... (read: Tony's dancing with joy) ...from the streets of central Havana. Him and his dreds brought over some nice songs to add to the mix around here. Both of these cats are really nice people, and will be a welcome addition to the scene, for sure. Im digging it. Welcome brothers, Im looking forward to many a session.

Thanks to Chango Lade for the Pics!!

..And there are a couple of "rookies" that are in the process of being straightened out ;) I think they are SF cats, but im not sure. Nice to have positive and friendly new blood that is willing to listen to these heavies play, and learn the east bay style. (we all know it aint Cuban Rumba Actual!! ;)

A couple of heavies dont come as regularly, and thats a bit of a drag, but Sandy, Flaco, Yaya, Javier and a few other heavies always get it swinging. These days, it takes a bit for the top cats to come out and play, but this is providing an opportunity for others, like myself, to get more time in.

I find, these days, that Im in between the heavies, and the rookies. Somewhere in the continuum Im sure. Fewer and fewer people are repulsed by my playing, anyway ;)

I just need to pick my spots, as Im not into the rugby scrum that often develops. Often, Id rather watch than fight for a spot, but if one makes oneself available, there are plenty of opportunities, really.

The after parties have been very helpful, as there are often fewer, more experienced Rumberos. Playing with Sandy and Mejail La Brada is a treat, no matter where or when.

I think this in between spot is just begging me to 'woodshed' or work on things I need to tighten up.

Im working on a guarapachangueo that is super fat, Lopez family material.. serious shrt.. this crazy Rumba makes me feel like the mighty hand of Chango slaps you in the back, whenever I drop a kick on the three.. so fat... i can hardly wait to get it slick.

anyway, the rumbas rumba on, and, amongst the mayhem, Yaya has captained this ship on a true and accurate course. Lucky us.

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