CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: CubaCaribe Festival of Dance and Music - April of '09

Thursday, March 19, 2009

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CubaCaribe Festival of Dance and Music - April of '09

The Fifth Annual CubaCaribe Festival of Dance & Music April 17th - May 3rd, Dance Mission Theater, SF

...spotlights Native American, Mexican, Peruvian, Brazilian, Haitian, Cuban, and African-American dance, music, and song.

Start Time:
Friday, April 17, 2009 at 5:00pm
End Time:
Sunday, May 3, 2009 at 10:00pm
Dance Mission Theater
3316 24th Street @ Mission
San Francisco, CA

Weekend I: 50
YEARS of performance art since the revolution in CUBA
April 17 & 18 (Fri & Sat) @ 8 PM and April 19 (Sun) @ 2 PM (Special Family Matinee) & 7 PM (4 shows)

"50" commemorates the vital performance arts that emerged as cultural landmarks in the Cuban social landscape since the 1959 revolution. The program includes special guest artists Juan Carlos Blanco & Omo Aché (Afro-Cuban folkloric dance, pictured above) from San Diego, Las Que Son Son (Cuban reggaton & mambo); Chancleteros (Cuban Chancleta dance from eastern Cuba), Napoles Ballet Theatre directed by Luis Napoles (Afro-Cuban modern); and Jeff Chambers & Ramón Ramos Alayo (fusion jazz & Afro-Cuban modern duet). Week I has a special Children's Matinee on Sunday.

Weekend II: 500
YEARS of cultural continuity and revitalization in the AMERICAS
April 24 & 25 (Fri & Sat) @ 8 PM and April 26 (Sun) @ 2 PM & 7 PM (4 shows)

"500" honors the acts of creative tenacity, devotion, adaptation, and transgression that fueled cultural continuity and revitalization in the five centuries since colonization in the Americas. This mixed program includes Alafia (Afro-Haitian dance, pictured above), Jeff Chambers & Kenny Washington (jazz bass & vocal duet), De Rompe y Raja (Afro-Peruvian dance), Paul Flores (spoken word), Jaranón y Bochinche (Afro-Peruvian dance), Los Lupeños de San José (Mexican folkloric dance), Eddie Madril of Four Winds (Native American dance), Mind Over Matter (hip-hop), Rica Salsa (Latin dance), De Rompe y Raja (Afro-Peruvian dance), and Urban Jazz Dance (modern). Week II has Programs A & B.

Weekend III: 5
YEARS of CubaCaribe Festivals supporting the arts in the BAY AREA
May 1 & 2 (Fri & Sat) @ 8 PM and May 3 (Sun) @ 7 PM (3 shows)

"5" celebrates the fifth anniversary of the CubaCaribe Festival of Dance and Music and CubaCaribe’s mission to preserve and promote the performing arts of the Cuba and the Caribbean. This performance includes an excerpt of the upcoming full-length work that will be debuted later this year choreographed by Ramón Ramos Alayo for the home company of CubaCaribe (pictured above), Alayo Dance Company (Afro-Cuban modern dance), Emese (Afro-Cuban folkloric dance), and El Wah Movement (Haitian folkloric dance).

Tickets: $18.50 online at (keyword cubacaribe). $22 with phone reservation or at the door. $12 twelve & under. $50 three-weekend package. Reservations: 415-273-4633. Special Children’s Matinee: Sunday, April 19, 2 PM. $10 twelve & under, $15 adults.

Advance online purchase highly recommended; shows sell out!!


Roberto Borrell: Friday April 10, 8:00 pm, Dance Mission Theater

and Michael Spiro: Saturday May 2, 5:00 pm, Dance Mission Theater

Juan Carlos Blanco (Afro-Cuban folkloric)
Yismari Ramos Tellez (Cuban popular dance, pictured below)

Tania Santiago (Brazilian dance)
Temiscocles Fuentes Betancourt (Cuban-Haitian folkloric)
Rogelio Kindelán (Cuban drumming)

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