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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

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Updates from Ashe! Producions - Sandy Perez Y Su Lade

Here we go!

Sandy is up for some heavy project this summer - look for folkloric performances following the Afro-Cuban percussion workshops up in Humbolt. - August of '08 - dates to be announced.

This year will include Ronaldo Gonzales, Jesus Diaz, Isidro Valor and several other heavy Cuban players and singers to be announced.

Pic is of Sandy last week, showing me some batarumba!

We are planning on doing a live performance DVD project out of the gigs this year.

We are also planning on some instructional DVDs as well. First project will be this year and continuing the following year with subsequent projects.

Im so fortunate to be here - right here, right now... I feel blessed.


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