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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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Mariano Gon Bops quinto - restoration - headed to Guadalupe

This drum has a long story...

about a year ago a cat from the island of Guadalupe in the French West Indies sent me payment in the hope of me shipping out a Mahogany requinto from the 50's...

long story short.. it was next to impossible to send it directly to him, but we worked out a way via Miami, via St. Thomas to get the drum to him.

Only thing was, he had a Mariano 11 he was matching with this 50's model and the match was not ideal.

so, in the mean time, i found him the drum he wanted, a Mariano Gon Bops Mahogany Requinto - 9.5"

Brother Wil Perez from Hayward Ca had one for sale. It needed a repair, and a coat of oil, but it was exactly what Daniel needed.

So, repaired, reskined and reoiled... off it goes on its long journey to Guadalupe. How cool.

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  1. To answer your question - very cool!
    I have one of these, but I think it's oak and is stained a mahogany red. It has the same hardware (not chromed). It's in perfect condition but needs a skin. I'd love to know when it was built, if you have any idea?


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