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Monday, April 28, 2008

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New Rumba in the east bay!!! - Sweetie Pies

How cool is this...

Yaya and I met with Olivia of Sweetie Pie's soul food restaurant in Oakland about setting up a regular rumba.

She was so receptive to the idea, to the extent that they are building a small stage and buying a house PA!

They even have Anchor steam on tap, and some of the best soul food around! Yea!!!

This is such a cool thing, to bring the rumba to this area.

After meeting Gary King Sr. i realized i must get involved in the solution to the problems Oakland is facing. I so enjoy the area, and the culture it has so generously shares with me. This is a small way we can give back to the community.

So, Every Second and Fourth Saturday of the month, 3-7pm - Sweetie Pies soul food

53rd and MLK - SPREAD THE WORD!!!

It will be a cast of heavies, as usual...

First rumba is May 10th. See you there!


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