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Friday, March 7, 2008

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Funky japanese conga, i think...

this fiberglass tub should sound great when skinned up. it should rock. check out the king knock off shape..

The hardware is nice, with a flanged 6 lug crown, beefy lugs and nice side plates (phillips screws)

It aslo has built in stands.... i hate that... ;)

I think Im going to paint this in a Chango or Abakua motif, with the help of my woman.

Check out the sown on skin... perhaps a clue...

I seem to remember someone telling me they had a drum like this made by a cat named Fugi.. well see.

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  1. Hola!
    te hablo de Italia en la ciudad de Trieste. Quiero decirte que he costruido congas desde 20 anos atraz. Empece con madera de viejos barriles de castanas y aquabe con el roble. Las ultimas he usado las mocro ondas para curvar la madera con resultados muy bonitos para la calidad del sonido. Ahora estoy parado con la produccion, espero enpesar cuando sere retirado, faltan 5 anos mas! Un saludo.

    Jacques Centonze


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