CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: Updates and possible shows from Ashe! entertainment

Thursday, February 21, 2008

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Updates and possible shows from Ashe! entertainment

Hey all,

Im working on a couple of new projects from Ashe! Productions.

Sandy Perez and his Cuban All-stars will be performing in January, dates and locations to be determined. We will be frying in some heavy cats from the East Coast, Canada and the Pacific NW. This should be as tight as the last set of shows last August, which were sold out, double encore shows! Check out the myspace site i set up for Sandy -

Another big deal, if I can pull it off... Orlando "Puntilla" Rios, one of the heaviest of Cuban Folklorists alive, possibly will be out here from NY in Feb/March of next year. This would be legendary, if we can get him out here. I'll keep you posted.

What is Tony up to musically? Working on some Bembe's and Arara's from Matanzas to play for the dance class in Napa. Playing lots of Rumba and gigging with some freaky talented jazz artists in the area. Doing some teaching, skinning of drums, and referbishing of old congas.

Have fun,


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