CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: Jammin with Ralph Woodson Oct 2007

Thursday, February 21, 2008

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Jammin with Ralph Woodson Oct 2007

Entry for October 29, 2007
Played with this cat Ralph Woodson the other nights. He is on hell of a guitarist. He was doing a solo gig and i gave him a hand on a couple of his original tunes.

This guy blazes. He has really nice lines and a great sense of timing. He does the Jimmy Hendrix thing just about as good as anyone ive heard. His voice even sounds like Jimmy.

Im looking forward to what he does down the road, as he is in his early 30's, id guess.

He gave me an open invitation to play anytime he's in town. Who knows, may be a paying gig eventually ;)

We talked about laying down some tracks on his next CD. You can hear some tracks from his last release at cdbaby.


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Entry for October 28, 2007

Yea, had a nice weekend, sunny weather in Napa.

I played a couple of Halloween parties, one square, one hep.

Played a slamming Hip-Hop set with the band "Swerve" (see pic). We played for this packed house of ghosts and goblins across town (Napa) on Saturday. Its always fun to play with these cats. Such a solid groove and Ryan is a kickass front man on the mic!!!

Also, RitmoNapa, my little local folklorico, played a square teachers party - hey! all the punch you can drink!! .... sometimes it is work ;)

Happy Halloween everyone, be safe.

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Entry for October 22, 2007

Well, the technique worked ok, but i will be using the white masing tape, as some of the blue sucked into the cracks.

The two ply nature of this shell made the repair difficult. Much tention was needed to get the crack to close, and it almost made it. There is a hairline fill, hard to see, but not perfect.

Off to Craigslist with this one. It belongs to a friend of mine and he wants me to sell it for him.
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Entry for October 22, 2007
Im going to use a new technique with this project. masking and cutting out the crack, so i can force glue into the it without messing up the finish. Im looking forward to seeing the results.

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Entry for October 22, 2007
Here is a before pic of the repair of a Giovanni conga

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