CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: Gon bops rebuild for Devires - Oak quintos

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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Gon bops rebuild for Devires - Oak quintos

As a part of the rebuild project for David, I rebuilt an oak requinto (9.5") from the 70's, with inlayed wood band with the thick gon bops shell and the 'violent' bearing edge these have.

I fixed some significant cracks, refinished the drum, skinned it up... it sounds very nice.

In partial trade for the work i did for him, David gave me a gon bops oak quinto 10.5" with the thin shell (low end hardware). I love the sound of these drums, the ones without the inlayed bands.. they have a thinner shell (just as stable, if not more than the thicker shells) and they have a very nice sound.. very folkloric.. And they are more comfortable to play. This one is a Im going to try to build a set around this one.

I put a recycled Mule skin on it, as an experiment really, as it has major cuts in it. I want to see if it lasts... I must say... it sounds sweet.


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