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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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Skin on skin congas in business and making fine drums

In case there is any question, Jay Bereck is making and selling drums again. He is in full swing and has a three month turnaround.

The pic above is of a set made by Jay, for Francisco Aguabella. check out the bungy cord to keep the quinto steady without using your legs so much... interesting.

Geordie (bongosnotbombs) checked in to confirm that Jay's work is $750 a conga, and $400 for bongo, about the same as other high end custom makers of the drums, Matt Smith for example. They are actually very reasonable prices, for what you are getting - the best of the best.

Jay's drums are spectacular, and highly recommended. There is a set listed in SF on Craigslist, but the price is higher than Jay would charge you for a new set with better hardware, fyi. The black hardware is not nearly as nice as the stainless he usually uses.

Maestro Jay Bereck - Skin on skin drums
1618 State Highway 41
Afton, NY 13730
Phone: (607) 639-2417

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  1. Jay is charging $750 a drum. I ordered 2 in cherry and they are done, I'll have them in a week or ss.

    Cherry, Oak, Ash, chrome or black oxide, quinto, conga or tumba $750.

    Bongos $400.

  2. Nice bombs,

    Lucky man... His Cherry is some of the best sounding drums he makes, i think. As you know from playing Hadley's set.

    Thanks for the update,



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