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Monday, November 10, 2008

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End of season tally on the garden - bragging opportunity

Well, the summer has come to a close, and its time to plant the winter garden... yes, i know im late...

so, the totals for the garden this year.

We had a 30 x 10 plot to work with,

we ended up with:

211 lbs of Tomatoes
68 lbs of Zucchini
12 lbs of Cucumbers
11 lbs of Summer Squash
10 lbs of winter squash
4 lbs of Sweet Corn
3 lbs of Swiss Chard
3 lbs of Basil
1 lb of Parsley
time, oregano to boot. (herbs and chard were in another 4 x 6 plot.)

fun in the sun, thank you Pachamama thank you.

With the farmers market down town, the huge fresh asian fish market and the produce section at the 99 cent store (completely rocks)... we were well fed this summer, and the freezer is full of pizza and pasta sauces, pestos and stocks.. as if we have to endure a long winter, or something... ;)

Just in case there are any concerns about the focus of this blog... those are Yaya's Chekeres... he can make custom ones for you, if youre interested in them.

T and I


  1. Thats a FatConga Cajon. A bit lively for me.. i sold this one.

    I played one Pili, from Isla Percussion, just made. I think it was a prototype... it completely kicks ass.. hope they start selling them.

    I know a couple of people who make cajones here. Including one of my students, and the cat who makes them for Sandy. Nice to get Sandys ear input on what he looks for, as far as sound.



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