CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: Nice Valje conga, 10" Quinto up for sale - SOLD!

Friday, November 7, 2008

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Nice Valje conga, 10" Quinto up for sale - SOLD!

Here is a very clean 10" Valje quinto made by the master Tom Flores at the LA shop.

It was very nice to get an email from Tom's daughter, who was so kind to thank me for the blog, and the memories it brought to her about growing up in the Sunset strip shop.

She talked of the smell of saw dust and natural wood being worked, the sound of the sanding, and the love her father and she shared while working together. She was daddy's little helper, and as a child, she may have laid hands on many of the drums we play today.

This drum, by Tom, is a really nice quinto, it is in almost ideal condition even though it was made almost 30 years ago. It is without even a hairline crack, has the original finish and the hardware looks and tunes almost like new.

The video below was shot in my kitchen, and you can hear the dishes and pots rattling around, hence the outside clip. I love the sound of this drum.

I have it up for sale on ebay, for one lucky Rumbero.

Have fun bidding,



  1. Awesound sound, Tony, due to the perfect construction of the drum, but also due to the beautiful skin you mounted - and which I am also after...
    The winner of this auction must be a lucky guy indeed!

  2. Thanks Mike,

    Yea, these tubs come to life with unbleached skins. - fun to see them sing like they should!



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