CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: Goodbye dear friend, safe travels - Enrique Carreras has passed

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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Goodbye dear friend, safe travels - Enrique Carreras has passed

The saddest of news this morning...

Our dear friend and patriarch of the Rumba scene in the bay area has passed away.

Enrique Carreras, one of the nicest and kind people you will ever meet, and one serious Rumbero, will be a part of all of us - in our minds, in our harts, in our ethics.... His impact is more than significant to all of us. His quiet, solid and loving leadership was one of the most dependable facets of the bay area scene. He was a very talented player as well.

He was surrounded by family and passed without suffering.

This is the cat i will miss the most, of all the bothers in the tradition who have left us. He was, without question, one of the nicest cats i have ever known.

Enrique was one of those rare people, who's smile and kind hearted warmth was stronger than iron. He never got caught up in the drama or politics, like most of us. He always had kind and supportive words for us, no matter what was going on.

A few years ago, Irish Rick and myself were rookies to the scene. Being Europeans, it is not the easiest of traditions to adopt, as it is well protected by those who love and live it.

It was Enrique, who, with a kind smile and a loving hand on my back, kept me working and dreaming... 'just keep at it man, you'll be fine. You belong here. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise.' he once said to me. Enrique was truly colorblind - he saw in us, what he saw in himself - someone who loves life enough to take risks and follow their dreams.

He was so gracious, so talented, and such a nice cat. One serious Cajon maker to boot!

We will miss him more than is healthy.

We are taking up a collection for his young family - his wife and their beautiful kids. We are thinking of putting together a benefit show, but as for now, we are passing the hat around.

If anyone wants to contribute to this wonderful man's family, to help with funeral expenses etc. email me at, or talk to Art at the La Pena Rumbas.

Love you so Enrique, take care of us, so sad to see you go,

Your brother,



  1. Tony, my condolences from a brother on the east coast, I've heard of Enrique and his great cajones, he's up in heaven right now playing a mean cajon alongside Pancho, Penalty, and countless others...

  2. Yes Brother,

    He was the best. Thanks for your thoughts.



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