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Thursday, October 23, 2008

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Ashe! Productions events, Sandy Perez Y Su Lade

Met with Sandy last night regarding the next years events...

It looks like we are in full swing with the new project, Sandy Perez Y Su Lade.

We will be hitting as many festivals as we can this summer. In the future... a west coast tour. but this may be a couple of years off.

Other than we are holding a three day workshop on Afro Cuban Percussion, with Sandy's incredible Matanzas tradition in full display, at Lake Tahoe in mid June of '09.

It will most likely be an annual event.... Its like 'Humboldt state lite' as it will be smaller than the workshops in Norther Ca, more intimate and more focused.

We may have other teachers as well.. Carlos Aldama, Yaya Maldonado, Chirs 'Flaco' Walker, David Fraiser, and Francisco Barroso are also possible, if not probable instructors. We will try to keep it to only a few key cats, as we want to organize it for the most effective transmission of the tradition to the students as possible.

Sandy asked me to post as many videos of him playing as possible, so check out my youtube channel for the latest video's....give me a little time on this, if you will, i just put up the channel.. Ill also be posting some here as well.

Surprisingly, one of the members of Sandy Perez Y Su Lade had to return to the windy city. We were sad to hear the news, but are happy he was able to move to care for his mother.

Any cats out that way will be well served to find this brother... He's got chops, has worked with Sandy for years now and is only in his 20's. Chicago, i hear, has a developed folkloric scene who just reattained a 'steady third', as we say.

Good on ya, as the Australians say

I have a feeling he will be back in town eventually... but until then, we wish you the best... Good luck Toby!!! Once a brother, always a brother. We'll be thinking about you and praying for your mother's health.


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