CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: Air Lounge Rumba in Oakland - Sandy, Carlos, Santos et al

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Air Lounge Rumba in Oakland - Sandy, Carlos, Santos et al

What a scene it was.. all packed with dancers...

Alisa was in rare form on the night of her promotional rumba to launch the next years events to be hosted by, her baby.

Sandy Perez, Carlos Aldama, Mejail LaBrada, Chris 'Flaco' Walker, Fito Reinoso, Rosita Perez, Colin Douglas, and Pili Martinez. Most of the top cats in this area.

The first set was ripping, i happen to have missed most of it.. i was co-producing the show and i had to work. But what i saw was amazing.

The singers could not hear themselves and the mics were turned way up. The sound was much better the second set.

Some of the most ripping dancers came out of the croud to wow us all. At one point, i was thinking... this is some of the best rumba dancing by a couple i have seen around here.. and Barroso or Susana were not there... its nice to see we can all hold our own without them, even though we would all love when they can be there - goes without saying.

The rumba was completely off the charts at points, with an incredibly beautiful Yambu to start the second set. All those who ponied the 10 to get in were treated to a memorable night of the best rumba the bay has to offer. Probably the best rumba in the country that evening, all due respect.

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