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Thursday, July 17, 2008

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on ebay now - Matt Smith, Ritmo conga, Jay Bereck skin on skin quinto

Hey all,

There are a few very nice drums on ebay at the moment.

I talked to Matthew Smith of Ritmo percussion, about the conga listed recently... the one with the 5 bands. He was telling me about how nice a drum it is, and how, at the price listed, its less than the current price for Matt to make one for you, and you dont have to wait (even though these drums are worth as long a wait as it takes, there are few maker in the world that touch Matt's workmanship)

Also, there is a skin on skin conga, a quinto actually, made by Jay Bereck. Its a cherry model, and i can tell you, I think this is the nicest material Jay worked with. These drums sound like heaven. Its the ideal size, at 10.5" and looks in very nice shape - almost new.

I bet if you send the guy a question (ie me and lets work out a price) he would be all ears.


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  1. Hi Tony. I really enjoy your blog, it's got some great information. I did noticed those two drum’s up for grabs on e-bay but after much thought and consideration I decided to just go ahead and order a set of three from Jay Bereck himself, 11" quinto 12" conga and 13" tumba. I ill see them in about three to four months, I cant wait. Any way I really do appreciate your site and will continue to visit and do some more exploring in it. Adios.


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