CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: La Pena rumba 7.08 - Serious fun

Monday, July 7, 2008

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La Pena rumba 7.08 - Serious fun

How blessed we all are to have such a scene.... and once again, la Pena's rumbero's delivered on the promise to kick down some serious Rumba.

Sandy Perez, Pili, Javier, Enrique, Flaco, Hector, Yaya, Trevino, Orlando, Alain, Jeff, Bruce, Butch, Daniel, Eddie, Vladi and John Santos played their asses off for a good three hours straight. A very nice day at La Pena, to say the least.

Yaya is in his eighth year of hosting this Rumba, and there is no sign of it slowing down.

Quite a line up this session, and they put on a real show. Francisco Barroso and Alain Aguilera danced really well, highlighted by a pumping Rumba Columbia with Flaco, Trevino and Sandy on the tubs, Pili on the bell, Orlando on the mic.

Sandy, at one point, sounded like he was an automatic weapon stuck on fire! Man, this cat is all that.

There was such nice energy, we had to keep it going. So, thanks to Maria, we continued the fray over at her house, with some really amazing rumba 'till late. Anna brought some BBQ and we ate, drank, and ripped for hours.

Sandy, Pili, Ruskin, Hector, Holly, Daniel, Yaya and myself. I was in heaven, playing with my mentor and really ripping.. for an extended period of time. These private little sessions, with such heavy hitters is what my rumba loving mind craves. ... so thankful, i am... It was more fun than anything i can think of doing.... I mean anything.

In fact, I was thinking, at the time - in all the bay area, there cant be a more fun situation. I was in a state of bliss.

We got the nod on the Sweetie Pie rumbas, so they will get going here soon. All the heavies are in. It was something Flaco said that had me thinking... It's like another Rumba Anonymous meeting!!

aaa... my name is Tony, and Im addicted to Rumba... I have congas on the brain, and Im not really sure how to stop it... public meeting of RA will be - Saturday July 12th, 53rd and MLK 3-6.

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