CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: Tito Gonzales' Bday party

Friday, March 20, 2009

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Tito Gonzales' Bday party

Once again, we find ourselves in a caravan across town to seek out a celebration. Its like we cant do without them ;)

It was so fun to see Tito again, and be invited into his home for his birthday celebration.

Sandy, Toby, Ruskin, Mike Green, Irish Rick, myself and a few other Cuban cats showed up with gear, ready to play for Tito.

As last year, we were the rumba for Tito, and we ripped it up. At one point, Sandy Mike and I were playing Columbia, and Sandy starts completely ripping apart the quinto.. i mean ripping like ive rarely seen him. Ruskin commented after, that he thought it was the best he had ever seen him play. He was going off!

TITO: Tito y su son de Cuba

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At one point, it was Ruskin and Sandy backing me up on quinto with Tito singing, and it was such a great honor to play with him. He was looking at me, singing, me responding with the quinto, him again in response.. it was so dang fat! I was in heaven.

Tito was so nice to play for Enrique's benefit (i have yet to tell yall how that went! look for the post soon).

Tito came up for the last couple of songs, singing with Fito backed by Saul Sierra, Coto Pinchiera, and John Santos.. That was so cool of him.

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