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Friday, March 20, 2009

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Huge Valje SuperTumba for sale - 13.5"er!

This drum is being sold by its owner as a part of a three drum set.

Let me know if you are interested in it, Ill pass your info along to him.

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  1. Actually it's part of a four piece set:
    Quinto, Conga, Tumba, SuperTumba. The photo was taken in my "drum room" at home - those are my Gretsch drums in the back there - just had to add that.
    I found a crack developing in the Supertumba this last winter. I did some searching and contacted some drum (conga) builders and repaired it. It turned out great. In the process I got right into it and sanded down all four drums and took out all the nicks-n-dings-n-scratches. There was a couple of other small hair-line cracks I found in a couple of the drums. I went onto a woodworker's forum (EXCELLENT ADVICE GIVEN THERE) and repaired the drums. I then proceeded to refinish all four drums. I have to tell you I am more than happy with the outcome. They look like new Valje's! I have one drum to "rub-out" and polish the finish after it hardens and they will be complete. I've posted three of the four on drumchat (drummer's forum) under the "Percussion" thread if you want to look at before and after of the supertumba.
    Gary (Kona on the forums).


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