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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

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Obama! - Go man go!

I was sitting in last night with Saul Kay up in Napa on election night.

What i saw was amazing... we stopped playing when Obama was giving his acceptance speech, and the entire bar was riveted.

What i saw, was a room full of white faces in a relatively conservative town, looking intently at the man and listening to his words with focused attention. Our new Pres did well.

It was an amazing speech, and at times, people cheered and cried. This is not a liberal part of the bay area, and it was startling to see how much support Obama has among 'whites' in mostly rural Napa.

I love the fact that hundreds of thousands of white southerners went to vote for him. Not just that they did not object to his race, but they came out in force to support him.

65 million Americans voted for the man, and this confirms what 'white' people have been saying for years... things are changing, and fewer and fewer people are raciest these days.

Yes, of course, there are plenty of raciest left to focus on, if one wishes.

It is more and more clear that there are few people who are set out to hold anyone back. Most everyone is focused on getting their piece of the pie, and just like everyone else, they are trying to compete and have success to feed their families, not set out to put anyone down. There is a difference. Greed does not imply prejudice or racism, quite obviously.

The idea that the US population as a whole is set against the African American community is obviously fallacious. Time to stop blaming others for the problems of our communities. We must take personal responsibility for the problems and the solutions. I hope this is a start of a defocused effort to take responsibility for things we can change, as opposed to letting blame release our personal responsibility to rise above it.

I wish Obama all the best. Perhaps in time he will be known as our beloved 44rd President, instead of our first President of African decent. Go man go!

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