CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: Volcano Percussion - only eye candy... bad for your teeth!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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Volcano Percussion - only eye candy... bad for your teeth!


ive been keeping my mouth shut on this one.. but...

The word is, that the price is over $3000 a drum.

Ive played three sets of these drums, and they are bright and uncontrollably ringy, at best. Over built and metallic sounding, heavy and uncomfortable to play. but boy, they sure look nice... (eyes rolling)

For all those who love these drums:

If anyone wants to send me a video of them playing a set of these drums, Im happy to post it here so all can make up their own minds about how they sound.

A friend and reader of this blog was quoted over $30 thousand dollars for two sets of three 'drums' ! Now that is truly ridiculous.

Whats the big deal? Why do i care what they charge? Well... all you have to do is ask the conga makers of the tradition, and they will tell you... Prices will continue to rise, and this ridiculous price collectors pay, makes it very hard for a working musician to buy high end drums made by the actual master drum makers of our day - Matt Smith and Jay Bereck for example.

The price of hand made congas is being driven up for several reasons, and this inflated asking price is not helping the tradition.

I hope you all invest in the true master builders of our day, Matt Smith and Jay Bereck. You will find them exponentially better than Volcano Percussion.

Hope that helps,