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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Edgardo & Candela CD release Yoshi’s sf tonight!

Cambón, one of the best Salseros around, is having a CD release party and show tonight at Yoshi's in SF.

Edgardo is one of the best instructors of the tumbadoras in the bay area, and is very approachable and available to any of us, from beginner to expert performer.

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He is one nice cat as well, and the band rocks.

This should be a fun show, as he has many talented people in on it, and he is planning to include Uruguayan Candombe drummers! how cool.

Edgardo & Candela

  • Oct 28, 2008
  • 8 pm $16
    10 pm $10

  • Open Dance Floor!
Yoshis SF jazz club and restaurant

Cd release party for “Celebrando 20 Años”

One of the oldest and foremost Bay Area Salsa Bands, “Edgardo & Candela,” returns to Yoshi’s to celebrate the release of their new CD “Celebrando 20 Años.”
Singer-Conga drummer Edgardo Cambón will lead “Candela’s” exciting presentation of all 11 original songs on the CD.

“Candela” is: Jeff Cressman, Sandy Cressman, Julio Areas, Bob Karty, David Belove, Abel Figueroa, Marty Wehner, Omar Ledezma, and Edgardo Cambón, plus special guests: Jason McWire, Seth Asarnow, Juan Ceballos, Camilo Landau, Steve Senft, Walter Gonzalez,
Jorge Dominguez, Natalia Bernal, Salsa, Flamenco and Tango dancers, Uruguayan Candombe drums and many other surprises.

Info from the candela sight, linked below:

Edgardo Cambón
Lead Vocalist, Congas, Composer and Band Leader
Born in Uruguay in 1960, Edgardo moved to Europe in 1982 where he toured and performed with well known Swedish group, "Latin Lover." In Amsterdam, Holland, he began studying the difficult coordination of drumming and singing simultaneously, performing with the local bands "Evolution 2000", "Rubén Salas Orquestra", "Salsa Charanga" and his own group "Bululú". In 1985, he joined French percussionist, band leader Henry Guedón’s Latin Jazz band and traveled throughout Europe and Africa, sharing the stage with the great trombonists Glenn Ferris and George Lewis and pianist Eddy Martinez.
After moving to San Francisco in 1987, he formed "Candela." Traveling to Cuba, he studied with master drummers Jose Luis "Changuito" Quintana, Justo Pelladito and Vizcaino Guillot and has participated in the Havana Jazz Festival and the Benny Moré Festival. He has sung and/or played with such artists as Jesús "Chucho" Valdez, Rebeca Mauleón and "Round World", Mark Levine, Andy Narrel, Keith Terry and "Crosspulse," "Sol y Luna Band," Carlos Santana, Jackie Rago, Michael Spiro, John Calloway, "Los Compas," and vocal group "So Vo Só," among many others. He has taught at UCLA, UCFRESNO, UCBERK., and given workshops in many cities in U.S.A, Southamérica and Europe.
He teaches percussion at Folsom State Prison, a maximum security Institution where arts are a part off the rehabilitation program.

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