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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

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Thomas Altaman's work with John Amira - European Rumberos

These two cats rock. Simply and completely...

As a European, the academic analysis of this tradition is often needed to bridge the gap between how our two different peoples digest information.

Somehow, i have one foot in Africa, and the other in the Alps. I feel both cultures, as expressed through me by my ancestors and guiding Orishas.

It's interesting how different the schools of learning are.

For instance - its very African to take in a folkloric tradition as it is expressed - as a part of an entire experience to be felt by all the senses in real time, as its happening.

The European compartmentalization and isolation of a concept, to analyze it, massage it and examine it closely - to find how to incorporate it into the whole in a way that makes intellectual sense.

Both methods are useful, in my experience. i think people who use both methods to internalize these rhythms, for instance (just a small part of this tradition, keep in mind), are in on the fastest path to understanding this folkloric tradition (not like i know the tradition well, as it's my 4th year on this path).

Colin Douglas, Michael Spiro and Chris "el Flaco" Walker are examples of people of European decent who have used both methods to digest and understand this tradition successfully.

They are my inspiration. They are shinning the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you, my brothers. Thank you.


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