CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: Sweet Sweetie Pie Rumba! packed with heavies

Sunday, June 15, 2008

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Sweet Sweetie Pie Rumba! packed with heavies

My my my...

all the heavies were out in force for the second of many Sweetie Pie Rumbas.

The cast of heavies, including several top players in the east bay, came together and played for hours. Yaya, Yagbe, Flaco, Pili, Sandy, Michiel, Enrique, Orlando, Toby, Jeff, Bruce, Art, Daniel and myself, was the roll call of the day.

There were very few people to watch - about 10 to be exact, as we haven't promoted the event as of yet. I was waiting for the kind of support by the rumberos we were so blessed to see yesterday.

In the middle of the rumba, out of nowhere, as it not a busy part of town, in walks a troupe of 12 Brazilian carnival dancers in full costume who just happened by!!! ...what???!!

Body Language Arts dancers in the house!!


Yes, full costume with feathered head dresses and skimpy sequin bikinis... They danced fantastically to a couple of rumbas, and headed on.... wild.

I cant tell you how fat it was. How cool. We now have a public scene every weekend, for those who cant get enough.

Irish Rick had fathers day duties, and was out of town, so i took my gear down. In the rush, i forgot my camera!! man... bad blogger... i know...

Im sure there will be many video posts in the future.


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