CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: Cutting a Rumba CD with Pescao, Flaco, Pili

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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Cutting a Rumba CD with Pescao, Flaco, Pili

Well, you have to love it when things you dream about just fall in your lap.

I've been playing for Juan Pescao Stable at a local Rumba dance class... faithfully for a few months now. Often, we are jointed by Ricky Agular, Chris Flaco Walker, Trevino Leon Pili Martinez... the scene can be rather fun and often packed with dance students.

Fortunately, Juan and I work together often, but that is no reflection on just how professional this cat is. lol

He was a member of a group of professional Rumberos from Santiago de Cuba, and from Guantanamo. He has been a part of some really nice projects like Union Rumbera,

So, after class, Juan asks us all to join him on a new project he is recording in a studio in San Francisco. He wants to lay down six traditional Rumba tracks, and two Reggae Rumba songs. Looks like he might call in Erick Barbaria to sing, and Fito Rienoso to play some Tres


I've always wanted to play on one of these cats projects.. this is the first time I've been asked to lay down some tracks on a professional Rumba project. And, get to record with Flaco, one of my first teachers in this tradition... I'm beyond stoked.

Working with Pescao and Sandy, I have my hands full. We'll see if I have time to book my own project.

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