CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: Rumba at Cafe Valpariso with Jose Camara and Denmis Bain Savigne from Las Vegas

Saturday, May 7, 2011

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Rumba at Cafe Valpariso with Jose Camara and Denmis Bain Savigne from Las Vegas

We are so blessed, here in the bay. Not only who lives here, but all the incredible talent that rolls through from time to time.

This heavy named Denmis Bain Savigne was in town visiting from Las Vegas.. What an incredible dancer this cat is.. how cool to have him in town for a bit, as this was the second time I had the honor to play when he danced..

Hope he returns with bags packed as this cat is all Rumba!

He's on chekere in this first chip, singing with with Irish Rick on Cajon and segund, Mejail La Brada on quinto and later on Cajon and Segund as well, Lee Harlson on quinto, Trevino Leon on guataca, Lazel on cata, Jose Camara playing clave.

We were also blessed to have Jose Camara on loan from Puerto Rico for a few months. This cat is a wonderful quintero, dancer and singer.. and truly is one of the nicest people I've ever met. Such a great spirit and huge smile that totally encompasses his entire head. Until next time Rumbero, thanks for your time, and see you soon!

So, we were playing at the Cafe balcony due to La Pena double booking the time.. funny, its been on the schedule for about 10 years now... but it was a beautiful day, and the Rumba smoked, thanks Lee for the initiative to get it rolling..
Later Mejail on quinto, Trevino Leon and Lazel playing Columbia inside to Camara and Denmi dancing.. nice flip Denmi!! lol

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