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Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Jorgito's Mojo Oyster Shots - A Dream In Full Motion

Ok, usually I reserve this blog for anything conga related, and this post is a stretch...

... my good friend, and aspiring Rumba singer Jorgito Duardo is starting a business venture that I find absolutely fairytale-like.

He is a Cuban American who's family sold Oysters back on the island for several generations. He is now launching a mobile business selling Oyster shooters! And they are seriously Tasty!!

He will be at most of the major festivals and farmers markets around the SF Bay area, and you can get uptated info of his location by hitting or

This is the American dream, live and well, here in the bay area.. Makes me proud that this is still the land of opportunity for many of us.

So, do throw down your support and a few Oyster shooters to boot! See you there!


  1. Tony, I tried them this weekend, at the Bluegrass Festival, man... unforgettable... could not stop gulping down triple shot after triple shot.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Carlos!

    You can place a review about them on Yelp, at



  3. Thank you Carlos for the great review!! You're the Man!! ;) ;)


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