CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: "the only original Valje drums that were painted"

Saturday, October 31, 2009

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"the only original Valje drums that were painted"

Hey Tony,
I saw your web sightand must say you did a good job with the pics and especially the history. I have a little story for you.
I was living on the west coast for some time during the 70' and early 80's. I have been to Tom's shop a number of times and have had a number of his drums. Loved them all. However, I once was in the area and went to see Tom and if he had anything new and exciting. There was a set of three Quinto, Conga, and Tumba that caught my eye. Thery were a sort of cranberry red. Beautiful drums. Tom asked me to please get them the hell out of here because they drove him nuts. He went on to tell me that he never painted drums before and wanted to try it. He added that he would never do it again because he got paint all over his shop walls, floor and himself. I was trying hard not to laugh because I could see he didn't think it was funny. I bought the drums and still have them. As far as I know they are the only original Valje drums that were painted. I haven't played for a long time but just recently got them out to see if I still have "it". Well one thing for sure, the drums still have "it". They sound as good as when I first saw them. Valje drums always had a different sound. Full voices and rich clear tones. They made me a better player. Take care Thanks. .

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  1. Tony, back in action! Thanks for posting- did you go to John's birthday at Yoshi's? Saw Javier sit in with him at sfjazz. Looking forward to keeping up w Bay events. Peace & Safe holidays to you.

    P.S. Maybe install feedburner on your page to send out an email when there's a new post?

    Kind Regards,


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