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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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Conga drums - still in love with the variety

Its been a while since I posted random ideas about the tumbadoras..

I am, and will always be in love with the very sight of the instrument. It seems I never tire of the search for information on these, and many other rare and forgotten instruments and makers.

The recent history of these instruments is really unwritten. Id love to see a book that discusses the development of the conga, from tack head to modern Matt Smiths.

One day, I will go on a journey to Mexico and South America, in search of the best makers of these drums.. I think it would make a great documentary.

I love quests that take you across the globe. It feels like you're Indiana Jones himself.

I will try to post more info about congas in general.



  1. Your web site seems very favored towards these Matt Smith Congas. thats not good.

    It must be because you must have got some at a really good deal that you can afford so you rave about it.

    Although there good, that's very bias of you. So maybe its true that your post aren't worht reading... ok, thanks

  2. My only bias is for a well made, great sounding congas at a fair price.

    Obviously you have not played Matt Smith Congas. The best of the best. If they were shitty, id be the first to tell you.

    Honesty is difficult for some people, hope you can adapt.

    I also recommend Skin on Skin congas - on equal level to Matt Smith's work. They are both masters of the craft.

    Thanks for reading this worthless information, hope you clicked on an ad or two! ;)


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  5. I want and need to buy some drums ...i need prices and picutres if you can , ready when you are $$$$$


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