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Monday, April 6, 2009

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Bauer Congas for sale - one Sweet set of Cedar! SOLD

Here is a fat set of three Bauer congas that used to be for sale. (Sold from this blog)

These drums are some of the best production congas ever made, with incredible dry crisp slaps, and fat tones full of bass and no ring. They almost always came with very nice skins, that complement the material and shape of the drum.

You cant find a nicer set of congas, and these days, it would be very hard to find a set for sale, used or new.

The Brazilian Cedar is just about the nicest sounding material i have ever played. And due to the exchange rate these days, they are not available in the US, short of the remaining stock at (tell Ken i said hello!)

They are 10.5, 11.5, 12.5" respectively with the traditional hardware (very cool). All three drum are said to be in near mint condition.



  1. Hi Tony, I contacted some time back, and you told me of current difficulty in obtaining Bauer Congas. Could you please let me know whether any ar available now, for sale.


    Iain Christie

  2. Iain,

    I have no idea where to get these drums, at present. Espirito drums is the last knows distributor in the states, that i know of.. give ken a call, he may have some tips for you.


  3. Hello guys! I'm from Brazil and I'm buying a Bauer Congas set now. It's funny how we don't give a merit what is our! You want a Bauer set and anybody here in Brazil want a LatinPercussion Set or Meinl Set. Which them the best set is?
    A hug from Brazil

    Cássio de Fernando

  4. How can i get nice drums like these or some just as good ...thanks


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