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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Maraca and the new collective 8/27,28 - 2 for 1

Another great show coming up at Yoshi's in Oakland....

And another two for one deal for 10pm shows: code: MARACA

One should always catch the 8pm shows at Yoshi's, if possible, as they usually let you back in for the 10pm show at no charge.

some info on Maraca, one seriously ripping flutist....

The Cuban flutist, composer and director of the group Orlando Valle Maraca is definitely a spectacle to see live, as he directs his highly talented 12-member group. Maraca, musician and director, was named a "visionary" by 'Chicago Tribune en Espanol' 2003, and is considered one of the most popular names in Latin and Afro-Cuban Music, from salsa to Latin jazz. His music is a cocktail of fusion and energy that stems from the most jazziest improvisations to the most danceable elements of Caribbean and popular Cuban music.

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