CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: John Santos Recording Project Fund Raiser

Friday, February 22, 2013

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John Santos Recording Project Fund Raiser

Our fearless leader is again, pushing the development of art and culture in the bay area.. this cat will be legendary, when all is said and done.

Well, I can tell you, that this gentleman is among the most honorable men in the bay area. A dedicated artist and family man, highly talented and extremely experienced.

To be serious about it.. if there were more people like John Santos, the world would be a more peaceful and prosperous place.

If the values of this culture were alined with art and music, John would be a national hero. And that is why I half jokingly call him 'our fearless leader'.. the cat is a great example of how to be an artist in the bay area, and its a bit amazing how he pulls it off with such grace.

So, Maestro Santos has a new project in the works, and he is actively fundraising for "Filosofía Caribeña 2".

John has a matching grant and has collected half of the needed funds.. so far, he has collected around 7000 and needs another 7000 or so to make it happen.

..and I know I have wealthy fans, who with the flick of the wrist, can enrich the community with such an amazing project, and have a significant role in the history of the legendary John Santos.

You see, John has a great chance to win a Grammy, and this may be the very project that gets him over the top.

Some people dont know the story, but John was nominated several times for the Latin Jazz category, only to have this category axed from the awards program lineup.

Just recently,  the ultimately wise and beautiful people at the Grammy awards decided to reinstate the category.. and it was ON!

John is a front running candidate for the award, and you may have the opportunity to fund the exact project that gets up on the podium on Grammy night.

Anyone can donate, even small amounts, to have a piece of John's recording project directly HERE

Update: 3/13: The project funded! just under the wire, with a few hours to go before losing all the funds, a few gracious people came in and brought us over the top, with $15,400 donated. Well done all!