CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: Carnaval San Francisco 2012 - preview and informaiton

Friday, May 25, 2012

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Carnaval San Francisco 2012 - preview and informaiton

Sometimes, in the winter months..  I wonder if I am living in the right place.. people are so focused on money career around here. I wonder if I should live in a place where Art and Community is more appreciated...

..then Carnaval rolls around. And everything seems to be just right.

The super fat and Free Entertainment lineup for both Saturday 5/26, and Sunday 5/27 can be found HERE
A simply huge lineup of latin acts this year.. well worth seeing both days, although the parade is Sunday morning.

This year in particular, I'm so looking forward to meeting some new people!

I need to expand my network of Folkloric troupes, and this event has nearly half of all the folklorists in the bay performing in various projects.

I have a dream of an international folkloric music festival for the bay area.. may take me years to pull off.. but the talent is here, without question.

I am dreaming of a scenario.. I get some low level funding.. say a few thousand.. to put on a fundraising event for the festival.. we do a private event for a room full of wealthy peeps.. bring in the Brazilians, the AfroCubans in full regalia, West African troupe and Belly Dancers.. wow them with the amazing talent.. give them a taste of what the festival can be all about.. and see if we can fund this big ass project.

It may run in the tens of thousands of dollars to make happen. 

So far, I have no less than 10 folkloric troupes that I have worked with in the past, have personal contacts for and can book at the a drop of a hat. We are talking 9 high level Folkloric troupes..

AfroCuban, two Central African, two Brazilian, Puerto Rican, Middle Eastern, Spanish Flamencos, and two Indian troupes. Deep folkloric projects, each and every one, worthy of high respect in their respective countries.

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